We ensure assurance compliance from design to hand back.



Despite the advances and new technologies coming to the rail and construction industry, processes regarding assurance delivery and hand back remain old-fashioned and heavily reliant on standard paper work documentation. At DSE we want to optimise and modernise these processes, but most importantly, change the mindset in the industry.

We work together with our clients to develop bespoke assurance solutions that optimise the quality of their processes for asset hand back.This is supported by smart digital solutions that facilitate implementation, management, communication and reporting of assurance data.


We want each project to set out how to manage asset assurance and how to hand back their works before the project is "shovel ready." We do this by agreeing the hand back requirements from the out set with the stakeholders. Once agreed, we detail how the assurance can be progressively handed back with the visual assistance of spatial or schematics breakdowns for geographical areas, disciplines and levels, where applicable. 


Our team has  been delivering projects across major railway assurance processes from QICC, AMP Process, MAID/AIR, H&S File since 2008. We have gathered the skills to assess and recognise the needs of each project regardless of the complexity. 

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From the offset, Detailed Strategic Engineering (DSE) where proactive in hearing our requirements, developing detailed information and agreeing the information with various stakeholders.  DSE also provided continual support in delivering, reviewing and managing defined quality and assurance deliverables. DSE assisted in aligning the views of various parties to achieve a common goal. This came from their extensive knowledge in understanding the process and requirements for delivering handover information and the benefits this carries.

Chris Nelson

Close-out Manager Mace