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Reviewing Construction Plans

We support teams along the assurance strategy implementation.

Assessing how to track, monitor & deliver progressive assurance readiness.

During our journey as consultants, we have created a network of skilled and experienced technical assurance consultants that can deliver the quality expected by our clients. We provide dedicated technical assurance teams to support projects, as well as individuals such as CEM/ DPE/ CRE/ quality delivery managers and quality delivery engineers on a consultant basis. 

As well as providing the relevant level of assurance management into a project, upon client request DSE can provide a full range of assurance deliverables bespoken to the specific needs of each project, ranging from ITPs, O&Ms, Assurance Files, etc.

DSE has a core team of consultants who implement the assurance deliverables set out in the provided project assurance strategy. A typical project would consist of a technical assurance manager for civil/structures & architectural works as well as a systems engineering manager for all mechanical, electrical and fire packages. 

DSE can also provide an embedded  team to understand the dynamics of a project which can constantly change, including the day to day tracking of the programme and impacts upon our bespoke assurance roadmap. These changes, for both temporary and permanent works, are detailed to provide live assurance readiness status through power BI dashboards.

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