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Reviewing Construction Plans

We support teams along the assurance strategy implementation.

Assessing how to track, monitor & deliver progressive assurance readiness.

Following on from the delivery of agreed assurance and commissioning strategies, our team support the project in the setting up, plan and delivery of asset assurance. Our aim is to provide the end user with approved assurance at the time of asset handback. To achieve this, we have created a process which will be tailored to the specific project, that we call Discipline Completion Packs (DCP). These documents provide the end user with a golden thread of assurance from design approval, Inspection Test Plan/ Assurance Files, Responsible Engineers completion certificate,  Operations & Maintenance Manuals, As-Built drawings amongst other relevant reports. We provide a DCP per discipline and progressively hand back the assurance in line with the construction profile, civils packages closed out and delivered back to the end user prior the superstructure and fit out completion. This benefits the project by de-risking project prolongation increasing costs which impact on the profit margins. The client receives the assurance in staged intervals during the construction phase. Benefits are, the project present and accountable during this time. The benefits of engaging and seeing the journey of the construction and being provided with full assurance by staged discipline completion. The client knows what they are getting and has the tolls to readily understand how to maintain the asset.    


DSE to understand the dynamics of a project which can constantly change, including the day-to-day tracking of the programme and impacts upon our bespoke assurance roadmap. These changes, for both temporary and permanent works, are detailed to provide live assurance readiness status through power BI dashboards.

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