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Gatwick station upgrade.




This project was divided in two phases. Over the course of the project, DSE provided strategies for EIS, an asset management plan grouping assets by discipline, type and location (to package progressive assurance for hand back to the maintainers, and hand back strategy for third parties such as GTR and Gatwick Airport Limited) to incorporate and align their hand back systems with the project.


Consultancy / Implementation Support


We now supply a technical assurance management team to implement the agreed strategies on behalf of Network Rail and guide Costain (Principle Contractor) through the assurance delivery process. We also  manage the PC quality team to deliver the required assurance and meet AMP targets.


As part of the team, DSE's systems assurance manager directly engages with the systems suppliers to provide assurance readiness for both temporary systems and permanent installations.

As with many railway infrastructure projects, GSP has many possessions to prepare for key parts of the delivery phases. DSE run T-possession readiness meetings with the quality delivery managers and the delivery teams to ensure all works have design assurance Form 03 acceptance, ITP completed, and assets/systems captured under the associated Form 05 (with content agreed with the Contracts Responsible Engineer). All Temporary Form 05 and Perm Form 05 are identified under a possession assurance tracker which is presented to NR DPE prior to the possession. During the possessions DSE remotely liaise with the CRE and record assurance acceptance under live trackers. DSE then issue all signed Form 05 to the possession leads to evidence works are assured and complete prior to site hand back.

Data Management

In line with our vision to make hand back part of  the planning and preparation on project implementation. DSE have been working on BIM level 2 requirements to support the Projects objectives by linking assurance evidence to the 3D BIM model. DSE unique assurance Spatial Breakdown allows assets targeted by discipline and geographical areas or system schematic to be packaged up in line with Project delivery.


Working with NR design team Jacobs, our AMP (Asset Management Packages) allows the transfer of asset assurance data. The AMP packages have place holders on eB which have been hyperlinked into the BIM model


This level of asset assurance sets GSP on track to achieve BIM Level 2 and will be one of the first projects to achieve this on the NR South East Route.   

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