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Eastern Region

HS2 Birmingham

Working With Currie & Brown on behalf of Network Rail Eastern Region we have set about the process of how to tackle outstanding legacy assurance and H&S Files. We set put to agree the deliverables with Network Rail from the outset to determine the amount of legacy projects by validating the data sources with available information.

Once the amount of projects required for return of a H&S file was identified then we set out the scenario a legacy project would fall into. We identified 5 scenarios from Project not requiring a H&S File due to no works being carried out or like for like asset replacement, to part information and certification on system but requiring further information from asset management team/suppliers where available to complete the H&S File and no further action required. Part assurance on the system and missing assurance identified and agreed as missing with risk-based approach to close out the H&S File. To identified missing information and deemed required to complete the H&S File requiring further site investigations.


In order to prevent a continued escalation from live projects to Legacy H&S files DSE developed a tailored Strategy for what a good assurance approach looks like via a Project Entry Into Service Strategy in accordance with NR Engineering Standards as well as a Asset Management Strategy to ensure the hand Back certification and engagement with Asset owners is undertaken at the correct stages of the Projects.

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